Treating Customers Fairly

Policy & Principles

PCS Plus believes in the principle of Treating Customers Fairly at all times. This is not just a policy of PCS Plus but should be a philosophy in all areas of business. PCS Plus is committed to ensuring that its service to members promotes their fair treatment and that they enjoy total satisfaction from their dealings with PCS Plus.

In ensuring that this philosophy is followed PCS Plus will meet the following principles:

  • The interests of members and maintaining high levels of services and products to satisfy their needs is the first priority in the decision-making process and the development of PCS Plus’s strategy.
  • Product and service design – whether delivered directly or through Partners – should aim to provide added value solutions to members’ needs.
  • PCS Plus is committed to ensuring our own and our Partners’ advertising reflects our values, is open and honest, and is always clear, fair and not misleading.
  • PCS Plus will ensure members’ information needs are attended to promptly and satisfactorily. PCS Plus will ensure that oral and written communication is clear, simple and complete.
  • The customer service cycle of PCS Plus continues for as long as an individual remains a member of PCS Plus.
  • PCS Plus will ensure that members can easily deal with us or our Partners (where appropriate) – for example, if they wish to change a product, make a complaint or make a claim.
  • Complaints will be assessed and responded to within five working days.
  • All individuals contributing to the business activity should have a proven record of professionalism and competency in their area of expertise.
  • PCS Plus is committed to the ongoing training and development of its employees, in addition to monitoring how individual skills contribute to the realisation of the objectives of the Club.
  • PCS Plus will ensure that the preceding principles are incorporated into the working practice of all areas of the business, to ensure the service tendered to its members promotes the ethos of Treating Customers Fairly.